Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Potential projects

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With all the other activities around my house and working I haven't crafted anything for a bit. I have several ideas in my book but I am looking for something quick and easy. I have ACLS (advanced CPR) class this week, painting to finish up and a house to prep for sale- eekks! But I still want something fun for Monday. Here are the ideas I came across tonight. What do you think? Take a guess at which one I chose and come back on Monday to find out....
A table runner
A laptop bag
Or perhaps the full length mirror I have in mind to cover the nasty hole in my bedroom door (yeah, don't ask ;-))...... hmmmm, I will have to see what I am inspired by when I stop by the store in the morning. I plan on picking up some of those baskets to organize my laundry room. I am liking the artwork though.
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