Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring cleaning

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Ahh, Sunshine! We finally met the sun again today. It was nice to be outside. We had started clearing the basement but we just couldn't stay indoors. I managed to get all the flower beds raked up and around the trees and playhouse. Now the boys get to pick up the piles. I love how just raking will freshen grass up. I also found several of my tulip bulbs pulled up. ARGG! Some little boys (including friends) were in B.I.G!! trouble. Last fall I planted over 100 bulbs so I am anxious to see them pop into vibrant colors of yellow, red and purple. And last but not least, I finished up the last wall of my living room paint job. I had run out of day and it's taken me several weeks to get back to finish it. Tomarrow I will be able to put my curtains back up. On Friday I plan to start working on the trim. This will take a while but at least it is smaller pieces. I also plan to wash some windows. I have a nice system from Don Asletts to reach my 2nd story windows. It takes longer to remove the screens than to wash the windows. We have a pretty good system down where Dearest hubby gets to remove the screens while I wash. I'm not sure I would ever get them back in to place if I were in charge of the screens. I was going to do this tonight but couldn't stand to come in when the sun was shining so warmly. 
Ah, it makes my heart smile. I love the change of seasons. And I actually enjoy spring cleaning. I get energized and feel refreshed when I am done. I usually use this time to freshen up paint too.
BTW, have you noticed how much organizing you can get done while you are cooking dinner? The other night I managed to clean 1/2 my cupboards and drawers in my kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook. It was a great feeling to open the silverware drawer and see things neatly in their bins. I managed to toss all the odds and ends tippy cup accessories. We are nearly through with tippy cups then I will have lots more space open up.
So what have you done for your spring cleaning? Got any great tips? Or maybe just some inspiration to get us motiviated!
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  1. Come do my yard okay!!!!! I have a week off at the end of the month,so it will be spring cleaning inside and out for me


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