Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scraping Sunday

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I worked on several things all day today while watching conference. Loved it! Did you notice how many talked about Love in all it's forms? We had to watch via internet. It streams about 10 minutes behind. I don't care for it much as it's harder to keep the boys involved but for now it works. We will have cable by next time. 
So for today I have the April VT handout as well.
Download it HERE and HERE

You place the blue page over the pink portion. I worked off the idea of opening the door to personal revelation. I hope you like it. I connected the two pages with brads. Here is mine...
Sorry the second picture is rotated. Not sure why and I'm not sure how to fix it but you get the idea.
I also worked on redoing my laundry hamper. I will hopefully finish that tomarrow. This week will be week of finishing projects. I am trying desperately to wrap a few things up for if and when we move. DH has vetoed a yard sale this summer so we will be listing our goodwill stuff for a charitable contributions tax write off next year and taking it to the D.I. Now that we are done having kids we will be getting rid of our baby supplies among other things. 
Yesterday we had a great family gathering with, as usual, too much food. I hope to have those pictures scrapped by next week. It will be great to use my Easter downloads. As I finish up Christmas pictures here are a couple I worked on this past week.
Nothing fancy. I figure if I can just keep up, sort of, then the boys and their families won't much care how fancy the pages are. Rather they will enjoy the PICTURES themselves. I know that's what I enjoy most when looking through scrapbooks. The embelishments are just nice extras. Well, that's my hope at least. Of course that means I need to get to printing some of these pages. I was warned when I started digitally scrapping that you have to be sure to actually PRINT your pages. I was going to print them into bound books but since I am not doing them 100% chronologically I will be printing them by sheets. This way I can use up the binders I have already as well. WNWN, right Tina?! Ok, off to bed. Sleep tight. Hope you all had a fabulous Easter and enjoyed conference. Let me know if you download the VT message and what you think!

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