Friday, April 16, 2010

More potential projects

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Yep, gonna have to make this one soon. Tyler would love this and I think the older boys would too.

And from Oopsey Daisy: a Mother's Day Word Collage
 And instead of using washclothes maybe the boys can use these from Under the Table and Dreaming: freezer pop holders

Tomarrow I plan on painting my trim then crafting before I go to work. Sunday is Scrapping Sunday and I am hoping to catch up my project 365 pictures. I haven't been really good about this lately. I will post what I come up with. Maybe I will have time to scrap some more Easter or Christmas pictures too. Hmmm, wonder if I am doing to much?!!
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  1. Thanks for posting about my project!! I am so glad you like it. :) I saw those freezer pop handles too and LOVED them. Aren't they a fabulous idea?! I love your blog. The layout is fabulous!!

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for adding the Freeze Pop Holder to your list of projects! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a fabulous weekend - Enjoy!


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