Friday, April 9, 2010

Fitness Friday

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I have resolved to get in better shape. I need to lose weight, as do most of us, but mostly I want to be in better shape. However, I need some accountability too. So I am making Friday "Fitness Friday". I figure I will post my successes and trials on my way to getting in shape and becoming healthier. I dream with fond rememberance of when I was tone and fit. I was smaller than in high school and I LIKED IT! I hope to be there again. After  2 additional children my time has sagged as much as my body. This week I started walking. I MUCH prefer moving outside so I am hoping the weather will start to cooperate and allow spring to come. I also have a nursing certification test coming up in June so I plan to listen to the lessons and review while I walk and excersice. Plus I want to tone a bit. Before I did 3 sets of 100; 100 situps, 100 pushups, and 100 squats. I did these every day and let me tell you what they made a difference! I actually had abs!
So this week I plan to walk 3 days and do 25-25-25 (I'm starting small and working up). These may seem like small goals but they work for me. I have to learn to balance my excersice with my other daily to do list, which is incredibly full already. So what are you going to do? Join in the challenge and lets get each other moving. BIG or small we all need support to reach our goals. Good luck!
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  1. You've inspired me, it'll be 50 situps and 50 squats, daily. I hate pushups!


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