Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're on the move.....

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This has been one crazy week. I nearly got my project done for Monday but kinda got side tracked with great news. Robin got a job in Utah! We are sooo thrilled. He will be starting 1 week from Monday- yeah that's fast. So this week has been a mad dash to get the house on the market, clean up, trips to the D.I., and a trip to Utah for buisiness and house hunting. The boys were really good considering they spent a lot of time in the van and going from one house to another. It was POURING rain yesterday but today cleared up so we were able to see the area a bit better. Tooele is a very pretty area. We are exciting and anxious all at the same time. I don't know what I will do with the boys, soccer, work, and school without Robin to keep me sane! The Lord definantely has his hands in these plans though. We are seeing every day, ways he is helping to guide us and bless us. So for now we are taking a bit of a detour. I will keep you posted on how things go but my posts may be more irregular. Moving is never fun but it is an adventure. My favorite quote of late is "Trusting in the Lord includes trusting in His timing". I read it EVERY DAY! and remind myself of this.
Yesterday we were lucky enough to, totally by chance, meet a GREAT realtor, Guy Kisel. I had called about a home I found online. He answered my questions then searched other homes for us too. He spent several hours yesterday and today helping us. Yep, another blessing.
Yesterday, we found some nice homes but nothing that made my heart speed up. Nothing that spoke "Welcome Home". We ended the day in the gray, pouring rain tired and down, just trusting in the Lord and His timing.
This morning dawned with a drizzle continueing and gray. By the time we were on the road the sun was trying to peak through the gray. As the day wore on it just got better and better. We had planned on leaving Utah by noon but fianlly HAD to leave at 1:30. We found several home possibilities and 2 specifically that would be great for our family. So we ended the day on a high note with choices to make. Now we sit back, ponder and seek the direction we should go. Yep, another blessing!
Either way I know that the Lord knows what my family needs and WHEN I need it. We are so very sad to be leaving our beloved home, our wonderful neighborhood, and especially our dear friends, *sniff* but ohhh, what a relief for my dear sweet Robin. Unemployment doesn't bode well for him.
Life is about adventures and growing and learning. We have grown. We have learned. We have loved. Now we move on to the next adventure. We'll see what's in store for our family.
I know this is long and no pictures but I had to unload what was in my heart tonight. Call it my emotional download.
Keep watching. I will post my projects as they happen and I will post pictures of homes we may be looking at..... Stay Tuned to our Adventure in Moving!
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  1. Blessings on your move and in finding a new home.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited and happy for you guys! You deserve it- and I love the quote about the Lord's timing...100% true!!


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