Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's on the menu?!

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Here is my plan for this week. Once again I have a short shopping list. I love having a supply to cook from and not needing to run to the store. With coupons I stock up on sales. If I have $$ left after making my shopping list I use it to stock up on items we go through quickly or that seldom go on sale. I try to plan my menu from stock on hand. I consider it a double bonus if I can incorporate something that needs to be rotated out (ie. eaten up) before it goes bad. Sundays we get to enjoy left overs so that leaves the fridge clear for the coming week. I didn't plan this, with church itt just developed. We get out of church at 2:00 pm. After a small lunch it is quiet time for 1 hr (hallelujah!). By the time everyone wakes up or gets hungry again it is evening so we just pull out something quick. I am kinda liking this set up as I don't have to cook much on Sundays. NICE!
Monday: Southwest Rice and Beans (never did try this last week)
Tuesday: Nachos
Wednesday: Fruity chicken salad
Thursday: Lasagna
Friday: Smoked Sausage Primavera from Taste of Homes.
I also wrote a few lunch ideas and treats to make down while I was going through my cookbooks. I love not having to think when I want to make a special breakfast or treat.
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