Sunday, April 18, 2010

Articles of Faith Cards

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 Latter-Day Chatter posted AoF cards. I love these. I downloaded them and plan to laminate them and add them to my gospel art kit. This will help us focus on 1 AoF at a time and fullfill the boys Faith in God requirements. Did you forget about those? Oh, yeah, thats on top of their cub scout achievements. *sigh* It never ends. Just make sure mom knows and it will get done right?! 
Thanks Latter-Day Chatter for the help. This mom needs it!
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  1. Hey! I love it! Glad that they can help you and your 4 boys! That's just makes me laugh, I love boys and only have 1 (but hope to get more) Best of luck with the memorizing! Oh and just a note, the picture you posted is just the preview and the download doesn't have the Latter-day Chatter info. Thanks for the post!


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