Friday, April 30, 2010

Ideas for Mother's day

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So I am needing a break from all the craziness of late. I will soon be -selectively- packing my craft supplies so I will have to use this as a log of my project wish list. Plus tonight I will be planning next months Bear Cub Scouts calendar. We always try to have mom and dad's day gifts the boys can do. So tonight I start my ideas for young boys to do for their mothers......
We have done rocks before but they are always fun. I especially like the card Oopsey Daisy came up with.
She has a nice poem inside to go along with the rock.

I also like this idea....I am definantly into simple this year. Allison even gives you the labels to download. Tie a string around a flower and VOILA! Easy peasy!
These are listed as teachers gifts but they would work great for mom too....

This is a great idea too from Sisters Stuff. Plus it's easy easy!

Time to get ready for a 5 year old's birthday party. He has been counting down ALL MONTH LONG! He gets to have a sleep over with his best friend and cousin..... Yeah, I have officially lost my mind!
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  1. Oh my heck! I'm glad you mentioned this! I didn't even think of Mother's day! I'll have to use one of these ideas for our wolves. Thanks for posting some. And I love the photos of your future home! Sad to see you guys go, but so happy for you! Good luck! =)


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