Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our home in Tooele

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We have an offer accepted on a home in Tooele. I am so excited. I hope all goes well. The Lord is truely watching out for us and helping everything to fall into place. Now is a test of my faith to trust that this major decision will also fall into place in time like we have hoped. So much is riding on the sale of our home in Idaho Falls, I tend to get a bit crazy. Looking at homes is fun but the thoughts of moving is so stressful! I have a hard time dealing with all the uncertainty. I need to KNOW- ugh! Thus the test of my faith. To trust the Lord to follow through after all we can do. We feel good about this job, this move, and this home. Now we turn to the Lord, right!?! So here is our new home.

It just FEELS like home when I walk into it. I wasn't Robin's first choice simple due to money. Although a good deal my second choice (his 1st) was a slightly better deal but I have to go with what feels like MY home and this one did it for me. I love the setting at the base of the mountains and the beautiful view of the valley and Deseret Peak.You can check it out HERE:
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