Friday, April 9, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

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I love being a mom of BOYS! Yes, it is crazy insane sometimes but I feel extra special. Think about how many moms have ONLY BOYS?! When I am old, they will always be there to care for their mom. Plus, I have Father/Son campouts to look forward to peace and quiet. I think it will balance the craziness just a bit. When I am asked if I miss having a little girl I don't quite know what to say...I always knew I would only have boys. Call it divine inspiration or was it divine preperation?
So Robin comes in this afternoon to share a story. He was outside when Tyler came up.
"Dad, when I get older can I marry mommy too?"
Dad laughing, "no son, you will be able to find your own wife to marry."
"Oh. How do I do that?"
"Don't worry. When you get older you'll know how."
"-K-! Cuz I want someone JUST LIKE MOMMY! I love mommy!"
Oh! It does my heart good. Tyler is almost 5 and still calls me MOMMY. The other boys quickly switched to 'mom' which was ok. I didn't mind either way. But with Ty, I'm Mommy! And I love it. I love that he calls me Mommy. It comes out with great endearment and filled with love. He can be asking for a drink, saying "I'm hungry" 15 minutes after dinner, or saying good night, it still makes me smile. He is an incredibly social boy but loves to come home to share his day. He will jump up onto the stool and jabber, Jabber, JABBER until I just can't handle any more. And then he Jabbers some more. ;-)
 I am truely blessed to have such a wonderful crew.
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