Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home possibilities...

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I found pictures of the homes that caught our eyes.....
This one is 2685 sq. feet on 0.17 acres. Matthew loved the windows upstairs. The window went low enough he could stand on his toes and see out. Plus his was up high and could look out to the mountains. Yep, it was a winner for him.
The kitchen is one room that can make it or break it for me. I love this kitchen!
It was soo big. Plus I would get the wonderful morning sun. The lot is small but it is layed out nicely....
This is Robin's favorite part. A jetted tub- ohh la la!
The other home we liked is listed HERE. It doesn't have a picture listed and although we took our camera we forgot to take our own pictures. It has a bit smaller kitchen but the possibility of more storage space and another bedroom for a total of 5. Plus we could negotiate the builder finishing some of the basement which is usually left undone. It also comes on 0.53 acreas in Grantsville. The master bed is smaller and the master bath only has a shower. Plus it's slightly more $$. Closer to Robins work, further from the hospital.....
Ah, the joys of weighing pros and cons.......
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  1. Congratulations on Robin's new job!!! What awesome news. Tell him congrats from Travis too:) Good luck with your move!


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