Thursday, April 1, 2010

Project 19 of 52: Before and after painting

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I finally got my house painted. When we moved in the white was really refreshing. After nearly 5 yrs I was ready for some color. Lowes had their paint on sale a couple of weeks ago. The cream is something like Vanilla Brandy by Olympic. I was worried at first. The red is Cedar Chest. The cream has more of a yellow base than I thought and the red more orange, but I love it. DH loves it too. He kept commenting on how warm it felt. I plan to redo the white trim but haven't gotten to that yet. What do you think?
I am not a messy painter so I don't lay much covering down. I use one of these paint trimmers to cut in around the ceiling and trim. No taping off here.

It saves a lot of time. I start by moving furniture, removing outlet covers, covering the outlets and then using putty on the dings and holes. I found that if you don't have the right sandpaper available that the green cello scratch pads do a pretty good job. After the prep I cut in a section with my trimmer then it's time to roll on the paint. It goes pretty fast this way too. I was able to do our family room in about 2 hours. 
I don't know about you, but spring just brings out the redecorator in me. I usually have several home improvement/paint jobs I want to do. This has been my favorite so far. It made such a difference. So what are you itching to do this spring?
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