Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Organizing baskets

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Saturday night Robin informed me our old Easter baskets were destroyed. I showed him this post from Be Different...Act Normal  Then I sent him off to see what he could find. Since it was 9:30 at night there wasn't many options but he came back with these baskets from Walmart.
I am loving these baskets. They turned out great. Plus the boys, Matthew especially can tote his treasures around with him. PLUS! They were only $1 each. NICE DAD!!! So this morning I was looking for more  organizing supplies and came across these....
They were only $2 each. My plan is to have the boys pick up the family room by placing their stuff in their basket. When it's full they have to carry it to their room to be emptied. Hopefully, emptied into the right places and not just dumped in the middle of the room. I know, big expectations but it's a start. I am thinking of using these to organize my laundry room a bit too. I love them. Matthew had a great time toting things around this morning in them too. What better sound than a little boy making car noises and traipsing around the house playing. Makes my heart smile.....
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