Thursday, April 1, 2010

Job hunting....

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So several people have asked how the job hunting is going for Robin. Well, he is still unemployed but we have some exciting prospects. He has interviewed 3 times for a couple of different positions in Utah with a company called JT3 

They work with the radar and tracking systems on Hill Air Force Base as well as some private contracting with SLC Int'l Airport. 
It seems to be a great company to work for; great benefits, possibility for continueing education, and great pay. Robin is WAY excited. They are working on background checks and preliminary clearance checks right now. We are anticipating hearing something in the next week or two. Robin would love to do this type of work. He is almost like a kid explaining a new toy when he talks about the job description. He would also have to potential for promotion and upward growth which he didn't have AT ALL before. Plus, I would finally be able to stay home with the boys more and only work part time. The down side is that we would have to move to Utah, either Ogden area or Tooele. When we bought our home we never planned on moving again. We have falled in love with our home, our yard, our ward and our neighborhood. We could not have hand selected a better area for our family. The boys all have numerous friends on our street and even more in our neighborhood. We have the best ward we have ever lived in. It will be so hard to leave all of this. I have some dear friends who have supported me so much over the past few months. Robin, too, has buddies he can get together to do guy things with. We always said one day this experience would become a blessing. I think that day is aproaching but we have yet to cross a couple difficult hurdles. So around here we have some intensely anxious excitment building. Robin is nearly bursting with anticipation. We are living by the motto "Everything happens for a Reason". I know the Lord will lead us where he needs us. In that is my trust. What a tumultuous time we live in -eh. Please keep us in your prays. "Dad still needs a job". Each day I am thankful for the inspiration to go into nursing. As a nurse I can get a job nearly anywhere. With numerous hospitals along the Wasatch front that is one detail we need not stress over. *whew*. I'll keep you posted on any happenings.
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  1. Good Luck! Hope everything works out in your favor- you guys certainly deserve it !


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