Monday, March 29, 2010

Project 18 of 52: Swifter duster

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I Made it Monday!
I love Swiffer dusters especially for vaulted ceilings and walls. Last week I got started on my spring cleaning. While prepping for painting I used these on my walls and ceilings. here is the before:
Then after cleaning walls and my ceilings, no counter or table tops. It's amazing what can accumulate through winter!
YUCK! This little things pick up a lot but then you have to trash them. I love them but HATE how expensive they are. So I was thrilled to find this tutorial. Today I finally got a chance to make them. I just used left over flannel from a quilt. I actually made 3 of them in about a 1/2 hour.
Simple!! Plus I will get to reuse them. We will see how they do. I think they would make good gifts too. I was thinking I could put a couple in my juice canister. So what have you made lately? Any good ideas?
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