Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Aversion to Cleaning

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My darling husband has been in charge of the laundry the last several weeks as I worked extra shifts. Today, I sought a more normal routine. I kicked him out to go study and took a dive head first into the laundry room. Monday is the usual laundry day around our house so it was backed up as usual. I figured I would also do a little sorting while I was at it. 1st up, the oldest boys room. Oh boy! (before going further you have to know my biggest pet peive is open drawers and cupboards, items should be in the drawer and the drawer should be able to close completely) His pants drawers were a shambles. I knelt down and started sorting, too small, not long enough, too many holes, ?baby brothers shorts?, little brothers sweats? What the heck. Ok, pants and shorts folded and placed neatly in the drawer. Bottom drawer in the process of getting glued back together AGAIN. I then turned to hang some clothes in the closet when what to my wondering eyes did I spy? THIS.....
Yep- all those CLEAN clothes piled randomly in the bottom of his closet. Is there something wrong with the hangers? No wonder he is always wearing the same thing. He can't find the other buried in his toys.

Next up. Boy #2. His wasn't as bad but after going through his drawers I realized he didn't need the 2 new pants we just bought as much as he thought he did. And he is DEVINANTLY stocked for summer in the shorts department.
Now I have an idea of what to expect in the little boys' room. After all, I am in there several time every day and obviously have to help them get dressed more. Still, I found THIS....
Apparently big brothers' lessons are better learned than moms. No frets, I got most of it taken care of, re-ironed, and re-hung. Crazy boys. I know I will be right back at it in a week or two. At least now I know where we stand on each boy's clothing supply. Plus they should have the correct sizes in their closet, for now anyway.

What do you do to get your children to keep their clothes hung up? Our closets are within reach and each has an organizer to help. Or is this one of the mysteries of motherhood that would make me a millionaire if I could find the answer?
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  1. If you figure out how to get kids to hang,fold,or put(dirty) clothes in the hamper(not clean clothes)you would be a millionaire; because every mother in America would be begging for your secret! My house looks like a bomb went off, and I cannot get anyone to take it seriously, but me! I'm ready to start knockin' heads together. Seriously, thanks for the post it made me feel much better. Maybe my life will get back to normal after my couponing class tomorrow night (if you want a copy of the handouts for future use let me know).


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