Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Review

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We love to read around our house. The boys are just as likely to be found with their nose in a book as there are to be found on the Wii or riding their bikes. How many moms actually ground their kids from READING. Yep, happens regularly at our house. Picture the kid hiding under the covers with a flashlight trying to finish the book. More than once dad has repeatedly said, "put the book AWAY, and go to SLEEP!" Yeah, mom and dad are a bunch of nerds, I guess the boys are bound to be that way too. But hey, nerds are cool. Anyway, we have lots of books from the baby on up to mom and dad. I enjoy just about everything- just nothing scary, it has to have a good ending. DH loves sci-fi, no surprise there. The boys, typical Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Percy Jackson fans. I especially love it when an author can capture the attention of multiple ages. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson for instance have or are trickling through the whole family. The older two boys read at very advanced levels so that helps but the stories are just good. I have my share of romance (Anita Stansfield), but also historical fiction, Stephanie Meyer (of course) and Shannon Hale. I just finished "A Book of a Thousand Days" by Shannon Hale. A take on a Grimms fairy tale but a fun read. Now I am searching for the next series. I like series because of the depth of charicter development. We are excited to have gotten the newest Fablehaven for $11 (nice score Dad!)
So I am thinking I will see what all the buzz around this series is. The boys all like it and it looks interesting. I will let you know. What are you reading? Any good suggestions?
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  1. Fun, reading is one of my favorite pasttimes. I have been reading Marcia McClure lately, they are just fun clean romances that are mostly set in the past. Also, just read the Fairy Thorn by Dorothy Keddington that was good.

  2. Are you talking about the buzz around Fablehaven? If so, we've all read it (DH 52, me 48, DD 16, DS 13) and love it. It's supposedly written for kids but DH and I get just as sucked in as they do! I got the newest Fablehaven book yesterday from Amazon; they had a pre-order special so it was under $12. DS 13 promptly confiscated it and started reading it.

    As far as other series that we like, we've got the Eragon/Eldest/Brisingr books. One series my DH got us all hooked on is anything by David Eddings. He writes fantasy/scifi and is a great author. The books are quite clean and easy to read. I think DD read her first Eddings at about 6-8 (or maybe DH read it to her ...). The first book I'd recommend is Pawn of Prophecy. There are, I think, 5 books in his first series. He actually has several series out there, all of them are good.

    An author I love lately is Patricia Briggs. She writes scifi and is a local author (where I live in Washington State). Her Mercy Thompson series is *excellent*. There are five books? I think ... another one is scheduled for publication in a month or two. This particular series is about a woman who is a "walker", which means she can turn into a coyote; there are also werewolves and vampires involved. She writes (at least this series) a little more adult fiction. More in the mid-teens to adult range. My DD 16 read the first book and enjoyed it. I'm trying to collect them but our used bookstore seldom gets them in, which tells you people love to reread them. Good luck!

  3. Jessica is loving "The Great and Terrible Beauty" series by Libba Bray. She says it is kind of like the Twilight Series only set in turn of the century England. Right now I'm reading Organic Gardening For Dummies (got to up production this year. I need to restock my canning). A.J. is having a reading contest with his buddy to see who can finish the latest Fablehaven, first. I must confess that I am a reading fanatic myself.


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