Monday, March 22, 2010

All you need to know about EGGS!

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Avoid Fresh Eggs when peeling:
Did you know that fresh eggs don't peel well after boiled? You know when you grab one and part of the egg comes with the shell no matter what you do? Well you had Fresh Eggs! So if you are planning to color eggs for Easter you may want to buy them this week and let them sit in your fridge over the next couple weeks. Eggs will stay good for a surprising amount of time.

Freezing Eggs:
Did you know you can freeze eggs too? Just not in their shells. Crack 'em, wisk 'em, and pack 'em. Freeze them in  a ziplock bag. Label with the number of eggs and the date. They can be kept frozen for 1 yr. Thaw frozen eggs overnight in the fridge or under running cold water. Use yolds or whole eggs as soon as they're thawed.

How to use Frozen Eggs:
Substitue 3 Tbsp whole egg for 1 large fresh egg.
3 whole eggs=1/2 cup

Have fun with your egg -evtures in the coming weeks. We will be having our usual family hunt. We are also in charge of the 2nd annual Neighborhood Egg Hunt. It was a BIG success last year so I am really excited for this year. We spread the empty eggs. My cub scouts help to fill baggies with the donated candy. Then the kids turn in the eggs to use next year for a bag of candy. If you want to join feel free. Just don't be late. It only takes these kids a couple of minutes to clean up the entire field! So much better than wrestling with the Tauphus Park hunt! Ours will be Saturday, April 3 at 9am SHARP! Remember how antsy the kids get?!?
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  1. Oooh! I never thought about freezing eggs! That's something I was just telling Neil I wished I could store! Thanks! =) If my kids are in town, we'll be at the egg hunt. When do I need to bring the candy?

  2. Have I ever mentioned how awesome you are? Thank you for the egg advice, and I am excited for Easter this year. It will so much fun to have everyone together.


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