Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reclaiming my space

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As life is always crazy and I now do more digital (well ALL digital) scrapbooking my paper craft table was becoming a shambles. I would rush down to make a card, label, sign or someother quick project and rush back upstairs to meet life demands. It was terrible. I love clean lines and to have everything neat and organized. "Everything in it's place" remember? So yesterday I told Robin I had to have some time to fix this problem...... I couldn't find things and that is just not ok with me. Acutally, IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! So dear, darling Robin watch over things while I escaped to CLEAN! It didn't take long but the results were great...
I am still working on my cabinets from Knockoffwood. I hope to have them done this week then I can start putting supplies away a bit better. For now, this is a breath of fresh air. I guess this is just an ongoing project. I will keep you posted bit by bit. I have to focus on just 1 section at a time otherwise I will lose it. ;-) I put all my ribbon on a multi pants hanger and hung it in front of my sewing machine. FINALLY a way to keep these organized. Ahh, much better...After I was done I had space to start on my next project. Another DI deal. Here is a glimps....
Robin was a bit unsure as I collected my supplies but with it coming together he caught the vision and rather likes it. Bit by bit my space is evolving into what I have pictured in my head. This is my corner in a crazy life of blue. Hey, if I use PINK paint do you think the boys will develop an adversion to this area? Maybe keep little fingers out? -huh, yeah probably not but I can dream right?!
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