Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things that matter most....

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Every read something or see something that just hits home? Like a ton of bricks? Yeah, like that. The kind of thing that makes you really S.T.O.P.!! and count your blessings. Count all the things you take for grantid every single day. But more than just things, the PEOPLE, that count and make you who you are.
Last night at work a co-worker shared a blog of a family in SLC whose 1 yr old had drowned in the tub and was currently in PCMC. Tonight I came across this blog. http://
Beware and have tissues closeby. Even knowing the story I cried and cried. How quickly life changes. How many times do we say, not right now; in a minute; next time; just a sec;
The list goes on but now I am stopping. If only for a moment to count my blessings. I am so thankful for the joy of boys! I have not spent enough time with them this past couple of weeks and I am feeling it. I look forward to tomarrow- my day off- and just playing! The sun is shining- it's FREEZING- but we will play and laugh and giggle and tickle and of course wrestle. Maybe some hide and seek, maybe pound on the piano. What about making cookies- ooh yummy Valentines cookies. I don't much care just as long as I can say, I love you. I have missed you. You are mine!
I am thankful for these reminders of priorities. Did I tell them I love them today? Did I give 'em a hug? A kiss? Umm, yeah. Life is too busy. It's time to slow down and just be. Be a family. A mom. A sister. A wife. A friend.
To my boys: I love you each dearly. One day you will know the joy you bring us. As you hold your own in your arms you finally understand what you have brought into our lives. I am a better person because of each of you. You are each unique. Your smile. Your voice. Your laughter. Your tears. Everything I do is for you. I dare not imagine life without you. How thankful I am that we are an eternal family. I will always be your mother.
To my wonderful husband: *sigh*!!
I do not even know what to say that expresses the love I have for you. My heart has never felt before you entered my life. You make me whole. I am thankful for your love. Your support. Your belief in me. Your ability to lift me out of dark places. I would be lost without you. I lean on you more than even I know. Thank you! For loving me unconditionally. For being my support. For knowing me and loving me inspite of it all. You are still my Prince in Shining Armor. how thankful I am for eternity. It will take me all of eternity to show you the love I have for you.
Tonight- hold your little ones. Tell them you love them. Put off saying, not now or in a minute. Put off everything else and hold those you love close. Time is a 4-lettered word. Don't let it get in the way of what matters most in life.
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  1. Okay, you are making me cry just reading this! You are right everything can turn on a dime. We need to be thankful for right now!

  2. Thanks a lot! I bawled my eyes out reading the post of the whole ordeal on her blog. All I could think about is my own little man, who is the same age. How many times have I put my kids aside for other, trivial things? And all I really want is to be a mom. The best one I can be. This made me wake up and really analyze my priorities. Thanks for the reminder. I hope it's the only one I'll need. =)


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