Monday, February 22, 2010

Scout Calendar

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This past week has been busy planning scout activities. Here is the calendar if you need one or are interested. Next month is Flying High. We have lots of fun activities planned. This week we will be having the Blue and Gold Banquet. With DH as the Cubmaster and me as the Bear Den leader, I will be doing lots to help with that as well. I scoured the DI for supplies for cupcake stands today. Found several items. Got home, worked the superglue over and VOILA.

What do you think? I think they will work well for Blue & Gold plus for the birthdays we have coming up.I also found a 3 teared stand that is green but we plan on painting it blue. Blue for B&G and for 4 boys birthday parties. Love it when you can multi-task with supplies.

Did you know about the section of "Yard" stuff at the DI? It's back off the clothes section. I found lots of goodies back there. Canning jars- $0.25, large frames, school desks, milk cans, holiday decor. Lots of good stuff. After blog surfing and seeing how things can be redone I look at DI items with whole new eyes. My sis-in-law is truely the Queen of thrift shopping. I am in envy of her $7 pressure cooker found IN THE BOX! Or what about her Victorio Strainer for $2? That paid for itself 10x over with all of our applesauce. Yep, I am an aspiring thrift store shopper. One day I will come home with an amazing find! ;-)

I am hoping to finish my next project this weekend. With working extra and the B&G I won't get much else done during the week. I am so excited. Plus I want to make an Easter garland. I also desperately need to get some organizing done in my crafty area, make a few cards for upcoming events. I only have a couple of months to get things done before it's garden time. In another couple of weeks I plan on getting my starts going so I really have to dive in and get projects done. I have an itching to do SOMETHING. Ever feel that way. I need a good before/after project.

I think I will be doing some painting soon too. Ah, so many projects, too little time.

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  1. Look at you! You are the Queen of Thrift. I love the tiered cake stand! I want to make one.
    You are way more crafty than I am. Maybe after I am done getting ready to teach a coupon class for R.S. I can start a project. I'm itching to start working in the garden, too.


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