Sunday, February 14, 2010

VT Message

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I am hoping to do a handout for visit teaching each month. Bethany at Elegant Wordart made the word art. What do you think? If you would like a copy let me know. I will send it to you. Add a little something extra or just a magnet to the back for a daily reminder for your ladies.
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  1. That is a great handout!! Bethany does great work, and you put it together so beautifully!! If it is at all possible I would like a copy. What do I need to do. My ladies would love this!!
    You are very talented. Thank you very much for sharing.
    Mona Tranchina
    Delta Colorado

  2. I love it! Would you send me a copy? It would work beautifully with my RS lesson I have to teach in March.

  3. Ok gals, Click on the link in the next post and you should be able to download the handout. LMK what you think and if it works!


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