Monday, September 6, 2010

Activity Days: project 32 of 52

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A simple project....
After 5 years in scouts I am now in Activity Days. I am excited to get started. After searching for some ideas I put together a calendar.....
I made a card with our (leaders) phone numbers and a bookmark....
I put 8 on one sheet then laminated them and trimmed them.  
I took empty cans, covered them with jute, embelished a little with ribbon and a monogram for each girl.
Then filled them up. I wrote a letter welcoming the girls. Added candy for the rough days that need sweetening, a pencil and highlighter for marking scriptures. The last thing I added was a composition notebook with instructions to have it decorated to their liking for our next meeting.
I have delivered a couple and will finish delivering them in the morning. It has provided a nice opportunity to meet other families in our new ward. I hope that the girls enjoy it and have fun with the activities I have planned. I found a lot of great ideas on LDS Activity Day Ideas. Check out her site....
I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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