Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween ideas.....Activity Days ideas.....

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Halloween is Robin's favorite holiday. I don't do scary! Truely, I have nightmares but I enjoy decorating for the holidays. Last year I added to our harvest decor. Cute Halloween I can are some fresh ideas I came across blog surfing last night. This is why I love blogs. Simple, cute ideas that anyone can do on a budget!
Ohhh, I love these ghosts. bedifferentactnormal.blogspot
 Or how about this in our new front yard???
Yep, I'm gonna have to get going on this sign. I love it! The boys would get a great kick out of it. Picture surrounded by pumpkins in my front flower bed. My flowers are needing to be cut back anyway!

I am also on the hunt for Activity Days ideas. I found several last night but if you have any to share or resources please let me know. I will be diving into my scouting resources but would like to focus on helping the girls earn their Faith in God (is that what the girls one is called- you know me- I'm all about boys...).
Here are the sites I have checked out so far:

Haven't checked this one out but gonna- looks good....
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