Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pillow Talk

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I love evenings when I can just lay down and talk. I occassionally do it with each of my boys as I am tucking them into bed. You'd be amazed at the thoughts that come out when you lie in the quiet and talk, uninterupted, just the 2 of you. My favorite "boy" to talk with is Robin. Last night he had a hard day. He was discouraged on so many different fronts. I felt my hands were tied, I just didn't know what to do to help him. It was a moment of missing family and the frequent phone calls to say "hi" he used to get before our move; a moment of missing the shopping available nearby our I.F. home- he went to the store and couldn't get the quick snack he wanted; a moment of having not gotten out enough- he goes to work and comes home to work; a moment of just having a bad day. Well, we got all the kiddos tucked in, then laid down and talked ourselves. He was oh, so tired but his mind was too wound up. I rubbed his back as we talked about everything and anything. I LOVED IT! I wish we didn't have to have a 'bad' day to do this but......eventually he did fall into a restless sleep, but sleep none the less. Tonight he will be taking the big boys to a Real Soccer game. I think they will have a great time! Mom gets to stay home with the little boys.
Ever had one of those days? May I suggest a little Pillow Therapy?! Because, lets face it, regardless of age we all love to cuddle, have someone rub our backs while we unload our troubles! It's a great way to gain strength from and to those we love most!
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