Saturday, September 4, 2010

Computer Magic: project 31 of 52

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I have been trying to make my computer desk have a homey feel since it sits out in the open kitchen area, yet remain functional. I have been doing well with the functional part but the homey was missing.
 I knew what I needed so when I stopped at Walmart I got it....a small lamp to add warm light. I also needed a way to better hide the cords. We drilled a hole in the top and side of the desk to thread the cords through so that they are pluged in and hidden undernieth the desk. I used 3M Command sticky strips to attach a power strip to the underside of the desk. Then locking ties to keep extra cord length under control. Actually this was Rob's job since he is the computer guy.
My sign below my clock was given to me for Christmas last year by my mom-in-law. It says "Faith in God includes Faith in His timing" Neil A. Maxwell. It has become my motto, especially with all the changes we have had lately. Hanging below my clock- I just love it.
 Now I just need a counter height chair.
Presto....Chango ..... from drab to fab
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  1. I love it. Your computer space is cozy and functional!

  2. Wow! The lamp changed everything didn't it? I love it!


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