Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My day off....

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How is it that my "days off" are filled with laundry, scrubbing, cleaning, more laundry and errands? I sat down long enough to eat a quick bite at each meal then was off again. I did manage to make a dent in the house work though. Mondays are always rough days with the house a shambles. Having a long weekend was great but just made it even worse to get things back in order. Oh, my legs ache and I didn't even get my walk in. Having spent a couple of hours in the dr's office for this.....
Tyler smashed his finger last week but it has been getting worse every day so I thought I'd better have it checked out. They didn't do anything but it feels better to have had someone else look at it. He will loose his fingernail. I can tell it is already dead. As sore as it looks it doesn't bother him too much. That is the main reason the doc didn't drain it. I was worried about the pressure building up but as long as he doesn't have a lot of pain we will just watch it and let the body do it's thing. 
Oh- and how did he do this? With a stick! "I was hitting the dirt with a stick, mom". I still haven't figured out WHAT hit is finger but I do know "it wasn't the stick"! Yeah, he came in crying over this one. Ice and a mommy kiss can work wonders!

We also have a new addition to our family.....
 Scooter is a pure white miniature schnauzer. We got him a couple of weeks ago and he is doing great. He is a really good dog. I like that he won't get very big and the boys just love having a pet again. We have had a few talks on caring for him and being gentle. He seldom barks, well, except when someone goes downstairs. For some reason he has a fit if you walk downstairs. He is mostly house trained and sleeps great in his kennel. He is 10 weeks old and loves to bite as puppies do. We gave him a hedgehog stuffed animal and he loves it. He needs a trim and a health check up. I will be adding that to my list tomorrow. He has become quite attached to me so now I have another boy to look after me. I count myself a lucky lady!
Once again another boy. I will be forever out numbered! Although having just boys definitely has its advantages! (Think school mornings and hair do's!). I am rather attached to them all myself! ;-)
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  1. Give Tyler's finger a kiss for me. Isn't it amazing how seemingly platonic objects can wreck havoc on little (and big)boys? Hang in there!


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