Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fitness update

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It's a bit late but this keeps me accountable....
I am at a bit of a plateau on my weight loss but I think my clothes are a bit smaller. With that in mind this next week I am going to try to check my measurements. I haven't been as consistant on my walking so I may add in some current walking at the pool too. With it getting darker earlier it is getting more difficult to walk outside. Of course with school in and cooler temps we are going to try to get out during the day to walk. The biggest positive is I just feel better. :)
We have lots of fresh vegis to enjoy this week and I plan on doing some homemade salsa on Tuesday. After all, that is the key right? Keeping healthy foods handy...... I also need to plan our menu but tomorrow we will be out having fun as family and exploring the sites around our new home.
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