Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coming soon....Building Room

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We have been busy building Josh's room this summer. Josh, mom and dad all working together in between school, work, fun, chores and life in general. BUT! Alas we are nearly done. Josh is about to bust at the seams to finally have a place to call his own. I am excited for him. He has been ever so patient, even willing to give his corner of the world up for 1 1/2 months to his uncle!! Yep, he is a good kid. That said it has started to wear on him. He is a displaced kid. I promised him he would be able to move in this weekend. Saturday I got home from my 12 hour night shift and worked down they for 4 hours before finally sleeping before returning to work. Tomorrow I am hoping to put up all his fun decor. Can you guess what we decided to go with? He has had a fishing theme for 5 years so he wanted something different.......

Watch for pictures of the final results! My next BIG PROJECT POST!
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  1. I can't wait to see the new decor!!!!! I'm glad everything's going well.


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