Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fitness update

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I really thought I would continue at a standstill this week. I have had a hard time balancing 4 boys, house work, yard plans, and finishing the basement with all of life's plans. The first thing to go is usually my workout plans. Needless to say I have not excersiced this week. I didn't even count my points too well. Despite all that I am happy to say that I am down a couple more pounds. Horray!
With fall in the air and winter around the corner I may be digging out my eliptical soon. Of course I hear the weather is much more mild here in Utah. I think I need to get in some ab workouts too so I may be hunting for my exercise ball. All this just in time for the yummy fall baking season. I LOVE baking in the fall. Homemade soups, chilis, and cobblers.... YUM! Gonna have to look for lighter recipes!
How are all your fitness goals coming?
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