Monday, September 13, 2010

Student Council posters: project 33 of 52

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My friend Kaylyn's daughter decided to run for student council for 6th grade and needed some posters. I have oodles of supplies for school and paper crafting. Kaylyn and I searched the internet and came up with a few ideas. She couldn't pass out candy and needed her name, picture, teacher, grade, and characteristics on the posters. We spent yesterday and part of today working on 4 posters. I used my cricuit to cut the letters out. I actually use it for school projects more than for scrapbooking. It is times like this that I am thankful for a husband who lets me indulge in my craftiness. The supplies add up but come in SOOO very handy! I was thrilled with what we came up with. What do you think?
I used my photoshop program to edit her picture and place it in front of a flag. I still need to practice with the lasso tool in photoshop but for this poster I made do with what I knew how to do.
You can't see them but each star on the flag has a jewel on it. Just a little bling. Love it! Some of the words still needed gluing- we were running out of time.....

This was the easiest one and I love how it turned out. Simple- Make a note. Some of the tags describe Katelyn's characteristics.
I love the glitter foam on this one!
Her name will go on under the "CHEWS" as well as her teachers name.
I also thought to do the CTR sheild to "choose Kately" but we were worried people would be offended by the LDS symbolism. Yeah, people are sensitive to that around here. Go figure.
Another idea was to make an accronym out of the letters of her name. Have her name go down with other words going across; like Kind for 'K' etc.
They were fun to make. Lucky for us Josh decided to do orchestra instead of student council. I'm not sure we could have come up with 4 different ideas.

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  1. this ideas are amazing. i was woundering wherer did you geet the purple glittery rectangles. or can you explaing to me what are3 the thing you used for the 3rd poster

  2. The purple, blue, and green glitter pages are from the scrap booking section at Micheal's. It is just glitter paper but is a much thicker paper. I loves the bling that they added.

    For the 3rd poster we cut the descriptive words out with my cricuit and randomly placed them over gum wrappers. They couldn't have candy on the poster so we carefully took the gum out and just used the wrappers. Then we cut the purple "CHEWS" and glued it onto the green glitter strip.

    HTH. Let me know if you have other questions. I'm sure others do to.


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