Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yard Ghosts: project 35 of 52

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I stopped by Michaels and picked up some styrofoam balls. I can't believe how pricey these are getting. They used to be sooo cheap. I went with a smaller size because of the price but realized they were closer to the size of the boys heads anyway, works out better! I also picked up some dowels. I had a sheer drape that I wasn't using in our new home. I had been tempted to send it to the DI but a long piece of fabric can be used for so many things I hung onto it. Now it is transformed into my ghosts.....
One of my dowels snaped off when I was trying to push it into the ground. I think I may have to get bigger dowels but now I just know which ghost is the youngest, 4 boys, 4 ghosts....
during the day you can see through the fabric but Halloween is for the night anyway so I didn't worry about it too much. At dusk they look really cool. I tied the corners of the ghosts together so they look like they are circling the tree.......
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  1. I love this project! I have 4 boys too, and I know they would LOVE for me to do this! I see another trip to Michaels in my immediate future!


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