Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference Incentives

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We are enjoying General Conference this weekend. With 4 active boys being able to actually LISTEN to the talks takes some preparation, planning and bribery incentives. For many years now we have enjoyed the conference packets put out by Sugar Doodle. She always does a great job of compiling fun packets for all ages. They even get me thinking. I copy one for each of the boys to work on while we listen.

Boys are ALWAYS hungry so a couple of years ago I discovered another tip. I fix a plate or bowls of treats. Each time they hear a certain topic they get one of the treats.
Prayer= goldfish
Temples= grapes
Scriptures= strawberries
Jesus Christ= rice crispies
etc. You could fill in whatever topics you want. I just scoured the pantry- love stocking up with coupon shopping. Since it was morning I tried to keep the treats healthy. For the afternoon session we can pull out the fruit snacks etc. This has been one of the most successful ways of getting the boys to pay attention. They can't wait to have another treat. 
This year I make a special breakfast both days. 
We tried a new recipe for waffles. They were yummy! I think Josh ended up eating 8! Yeah, he didn't have many goldfish after that! These were from Real Mom's Kitchen

The biggest comment that has stuck with me so far is to "Slow Down". We get so busy with good activities we forget the value of TIME with our family. I am really bad this way. I fill every second of the day with erronds, cleaning, organizing, crafting, bathing boys, laundry, landscaping, teaching, working, communting, blogging and so many other activities. I seldom sit down to just BE. I am going to work on shortening my "to do" list. It is always too long. I need to SIMPLIFY! I think it is ok to say "no" to something. You don't even need a reason to say no. Time with my boys, even if just reading together or watching a movie is of higher and higher value in today's life.....
Now I am off to learn more and to learn to have peace in my home. 
Enjoy Conference!

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