Monday, October 4, 2010

What's on the menu....

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I am searching for menu ideas to use what we have already. I guess I need a break from grocery shopping. I love fall cooking for this very reason. I have been hitting the case lots sales and still plan to go to Macey's. Between that and my Bountiful basket bounty our shelves are full. I have lots of lettuce, tomatoes, celery and fruit. I am also thinking about putting together some freezer meals. I haven't done that for a while but there have been some days lately when I wished I had something to just pull out of the freezer for dinner.
The great thing about fall cooking is it is time to enjoy soups and chilis and casseroles again. Cooking straight from the pantry. I love it! Of course this says nothing for the pumpkin cookies, cakes, rolls and other yummy treats.
Here is what I have planned so far this week.....
Pinwheels- my childhood favorite
Chili and cornbread
Chicken Noodle Soup- moms best comfort food!
With these meals I will only need a couple of items which if necessary I could substitute. The weekends are crazy so I am not planning for them.
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