Sunday, October 10, 2010

Going Green: sod before and after

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I am so excited to finally have some grass and landscaping in the backyard. Pictures say it all with this....
The guys did a great job of leveling and racking all the rough stuff out.
The sod is great. It was moist and very very green. There are no weeds and it looks really healthy.
And my rock wall, turning green- LOVE IT. I am so thrilled with our choice to go with the rock.
Powell Landscaping did a great job and only took about 2 1/2 days for sprinklers to sod.
They put in a ramp and I decided to go with grass down here. I was going to do ground cover because we will have 4 fruit trees down here but thought the grass would be nicer and not as inviting to spiders as bark chips.
We are going to have one inlet in flowers and the larger one be a fire pit for dutch oven. Plus I am going to put plants in between the rocks.
Next year I will be growing lots in this small, managable garden. I will have to learn the tricks of mass producing in small spaces. I still miss my big yard in Idaho (probably always will) but this is getting closer to what I can handle.
Next week the boys will be able to run and romp on the grass instead on in the dirt. The rocks are always inviting to little boys; climbing, exploring and imagining.

Next spring we will get the fence in. We were hoping to do it this year but ran a little short but we did get some play equipment to put in. Ty keeps telling me that we need a playhouse like in IF so he will be thrilled to get some jungle bars to swing from. Up front we put in some gravel next to the driveway for the camper to be parked on. 
Next week I will be planting some of the plants that have been waiting for me up front. Now I get to shop for more plants. Hopefully its not too late in the season. I will definantly get some bulbs in. Planning for spring blossoms already.
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