Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harvest Blocks: project 38 of 52

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I realized the other day that EKKS! I am behind on my 52 projects. I thought I was doing so well, even after moving. So I am hoping to finish several projects this week and get them posted. I should be closer to 42 rather than 37...Do you think I can make it???????
The best part about the kids being in school is getting together with friends to create great things. I had lots of blocks left from building walls downstairs so of course I put them to use in crafts. Kaylyn made harvest blocks....

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. She wanted oranges and reds and I couldn't agree more with the results!
I was going for a Happy Harvest sign. I decided I preferred the orange but the black didn't cover up with the orange well....
I cut my letters out with my cricut several times but it just wasn't coming together...ever had one of those moments? Well, I decided to just put it up for a while. I haven't finished it yet so we will just relish in the delight that Kaylyn did. (Does it count that I helped her?)
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