Thursday, October 28, 2010

My sewing machine is down....:-(

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My project plans this week included curtains for our astronomy room and a new apron for myself, I am sad to say my sewing machine is on the fritz though. Needless to say, I will have to defer these projects. Of course this has to happen just before Christmas time when I so very much need my machine. Add to this the fact that my craft supplies are mostly still in boxes and I am a lost crafting mom. Oh but never fear, I have a few other projects filed away to keep me busy, and..........
Christmas is around the corner. Next week I can officially put up my Christmas decor!!! Yes, I am one of those crazy ones who pull Halloween down to put up Christmas. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It is so warm and cozy. I love the feeling in the air and even enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping. Of course most of my shopping is already done or will be nearly done by Black Friday. My darling husband is especially wonderful at this time of year. He gets his own kick out of indulging my Christmas decorating. He surprised me the other day with a special outside decoration I had been oogling. Yep, I am spoiled! He never balks at my decorating or how early I want to put up decorations! Isn't he great?!!
So just keep watching....I will be switching gears to Holiday projects including some handmade cards. My dear friend gave me a gift card to Micheals for my birthday- yeah she knows just what I like- and I finally remembered to use it. I bought coordinating papers and plan to make numberous cards to have on hand for all the "just thinking of you" moments. Thanks so much Rebekah! Snail mail is still great for sending a touching note to family out of state! 
I guess I will be searching blogs again too....Any suggestions?!?! 
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