Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teachers gifts

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I am gathering ideas for teachers gifts. It is always fun to make a little something. I am practical and tend to stay away from the trendy apple style gifts. Think about how many apples teachers will get over the years! Yeah..... Plus my I picked the brains of my dear friends who are teachers by trade asking them what they would like or what was some of their favorite gifts. Here are some of the suggestions they had plus some of my own....
Movie rental tied to a package of popcorn. "take time to relax"
Anything edible.
Warm fuzzy socks "you knock their socks off".
Treat bucket."what a sweet teacher"
Homemade magnets. "magnetic teacher"
I know there are more great ideas out there. I will continue to think on the things that we have done in the past and post them. What do you do? Any great ideas for this year? 
I found this blog last week and have fallen in love with it. I need to get my craft supplies set up and organized so that I can work on more projects. I'm getting a bit tired of pulling up the cricut just to have to put it away a couple hours later. It is nice when you can just leave your project out and come back after dinner....alas, I will have that sometime soon (hopefully). For now I have to bookmark some more projects to add to my wishlist, especially with the holidays coming up. Sorry family, not as many handmade gifts this year.....
Glass nuggets- I liked the glitter effect and plan to add a magnet to the back......
 Share your ideas. What do you have planned?
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