Sunday, October 3, 2010

A boys room: Astronomy Style: Project 36 of 52

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Our big project this summer has finally been completed. Although I have a few touches to add we are excited to have moved Josh into his room this past week. He was ever so patient but needed a place to call his own. We had talked about several different options for his decor. He likes soccer but we are not huge sports fans. He used to have fishing decor which I loved. It fit his hobbies, had a touch of family history with his Great- Great Grandfathers handmade fishing pole, and a reminder of our eternal perspective with a scripture quote art work. As we talked I mentioned options we could do with astronomy. He has a telescope and I thought we could build on that. He seemed to like my ideas so I googled more ideas. I didn't want to bust the bank but wanted to create an inviting space for a boy nearing his teens. I wanted something he could enjoy for several years. Of course a top priority was organization so that room MIGHT stay somewhat clean. Boys have hats. We have LOTS of hats! Not to mention ties and belts. So inside the closet went hooks for all these things.
 LOVE IT! Plus he can put his backpack in there too. There is room to add more if we decide to later.
We decided on 2 rows of shelves. He didn't need space for long robes or dresses so we put 2 racks all the way across. He organized his clothes with shirts on top, seperated into dress shirts and t-shirts, and his pants on the bottom. Yep, he is a child after my own heart.
We found this "Moon in my Room". It lights up the stages of the moon. You can set it for each one individually or let it cycle through them.
We painted the window wall a dark blue. I choose a semi-gloss paint because it is easier to wash. The down side is that it shows all the blemishes in our texturing. It also reflects the light. With a basement bedroom the added light is nice. I can add color, even dark color, without pulling the room down.
Then I put glow in the dark stars on in the shape of the constellations. It turned out so good. I have more stars to put up but ran out of the tacky stuff to stick them up. It's on my shopping list.

Our splurge was this globe. It's pretty plain looking in the daylight but at night it lights up and glows the constellations. I can't tell you how cool this is. It's my favorite part of his room. At least so far...
I think Josh loves it too. We surprised him when he got home from school.

We are waiting on the carpet until the other rooms are done. Then we will have carpet laid in Keegan's room, the family room and Josh's room all at the same time. For now he has some rugs to protect his feet. I think he is just excited to have a place to call his own.
Left to add: I am downloading pictures from the Hubble Telescope, making them poster size them mounting them on canvas. This will be on his wall above his bed. Somewhere I plan on incorporating these two phrases:
"Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon."
"Even the earth...yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator" -Alma 30:44
Oh, and don't forget the curtains. We found the perfect fabric at Joann's. Keep watching. I will post them when I have them done.
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  1. What an awesome room! You are a genius to come up with all those great ideas! Great work! I can't wait to see the curtains.

  2. The room looks so great already! The curtains and other touches will take it over the top. Great job!

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