Monday, October 4, 2010

Vaccuums new Dyson!

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Women tend to have love hate relationships with vaccums. We love them for the first year or so then they lose suction and we start to hate them. A couple years ago I searched for a good, long lasting vaccuum. I would love to have a Kerby but it is simply cost prohibitive. I mean, $2000 on a vaccuum has to be excesive. I opted for a Lindhaus, commertial grade vaccuum from Don Asletts Cleaning Center.
I loved it, at first......
Yep, this summer I have started to hate it. My mom commented when cleaning our old house how poorly my vaccuum worked. I hadn't noticed.....
Without grass around our new home the trail of dirt into the house through doors and windows is exhausting. The other day I mentioned to my dear hubby that my vaccuum needed a little TLC or else I needed a new one. I had seen a Dyson get actually washed in the sink with soap and water. With my allergies this was intriguing. He mentioned for me to go ahead and get one. I figured I would watch for it to go on another great online deal (I'd seen them come up before). Saturday we headed off to Home Depot, bypassed the vaccuums and next thing I knew he had it in the cart. He played all inocent and sly but he knows how to sweet talk me! ;-) I thought I would vaccuum with both of them to see the difference but after getting my Dyson set up I couldn't help myself. "I'll just do a strip or two" I said to myself, but before I knew it I had vaccuumed the whole house and was headed down the stairs. So what did I think?
 I think I am in love again!

 This is the dirt I picked up after 2 vaccuumings! YUCK! And that was only 2 days apart! I vaccuumed Saturday evening and Monday morning to accumulate all this. Sunday was spent watching conference so not much tracked in then. Yep, I'd say my old vacuum wasn't sucking much up. My carpet is new, this is all us but I think it accumulated through the summer.
 Ahhh, clean floors feel good. Sorry Lindhaus, you are getting the boot. I have a new love- DYSON!
Yep, my hubby spoils me. Maybe I will make him some Snickerdoodles tonight!
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  2. Sorry above the above comment, Jessica hacked into my account! Love,love,LOVE the new vacuum (and you know what a vacuum snob I am)! Think of it as an investment in prolonging the life of your beautiful new carpet(that I am secretly jealous of.....stinkin' kneecap)!


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