Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My tree deal!

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If you are looking to plant trees now is a great time to buy them. Nurseries are clearancing things for the season. I stopped by Tooele Valley Nursery last Friday just too look. I was actually wondering about hastas and bleeding hearts. Started looking at the trees and called DH, "Can I please get some trees? Have we used all our funds yet?" I managed to talk him into $200. So I set out with my oldest and selected some trees. Of course the selection was limited but I did get several most of what was on my wish list. The trees were 40-50% off. Plus these trees, if not sold, will be repoted into the next size pot. So a 2 gal becomes a 5 gallon, which means bigger price tag next spring (which is only about 4-5 months away). 
Here is what I got: Columnar Maple, Silver Ash, Macintosh Apple, Red Bartlett Pear, 3 Quaken Aspen. That's 7 trees for only $192 delivered! Plus our city has a program (and because our house is new) to pay $150 for trees planted in the parking strip. So my bottom line is $42 for 7 trees. I didn't remember the rebate when I bought the trees so imagine how thrilled I was when I remembered. SCORE! They are suppose to be delivered today and I can't wait. My darling hubby sure does love me! Yep, I'm spoiled. Think about apple pie or fresh pears in just a couple of years. Next year the boys will have at least a little shade as they roll and romp out back. Hooray!......
I got my trees!!!!
Keep watching for my landscaping post.....
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