Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Forgotten Carols: a Christmas tradition

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Every since I was in high school in seminary I have loved the music of Micheal McLean. At a pivotal point in my life it provided an anchor for me. I love how up beat it is while at the same time it speaks to my soul. I have shed many tears from a tender heart at the inspired words of a great musician. I have met and talked with this humble man. I doubt he knows how many lives he has touched or how deeply he has touched them. He is quick to disregard anything he himself has done and rather points to the inspiration of the Spirit. He has a quick sense of humor and spreads joy to those around him!
Many years ago my family and I went to our first Forgotten Carols concert. It was a rough year in my life. I felt so touched. It was the second concert in Idaho Falls and I have not missed it since. This concert is always Thanksgiving weekend in Idaho Falls. For me, it has become the official kick off of the Season. In high school, several dates were taken to this concert. In college my dear roommate and I drove through a complete blizzard to make it. When my dear husband and I were dating he too became my concert compainion. Now, years later we are planning to take 2 of our 4 boys. Josh was able to go last year and enthralled through the whole program. When we heard the tickets were on sale we quickly got online to obtain ours. He made a comment that he didn't want to miss it. This will be Keegan's first year to go. We decided that after they turned 8 we would take them. It gives them something to look forward to.
So what is this "Forgotten Carols" that I am talking about? Simply put it is the Christmas story from the eyes of those who are forgotten; the Inn Keeper, who turned Joseph and Mary away; the Shephard who fell asleep and missed the star; the Homeless, who DO have a home; and the Nurse, whose heart is softened because of Uncle John (the Beloved).
It is an evening of music and filling of the Spirit that IS Christmas. 
 Tickets go fast! So if you want to enjoy one of the best Christmas concerts get tickets to the Forgotten Carols, by Micheal McLean. You can get them from Deseret Book
My own personal endorsement, free of solicitation. I genuinely enjoy his music.
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  1. I totally agree! It is well worth it!

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