Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sock Hop- Activity Days

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This month we are planning to learn about Hospitality. I wanted a fun way for the girls to learn how to be a hostess, introduce others, and what not. They have been wanting a party and I'm not sure if they have had a Daddy Daughter activity yet so I thought we could have all this in one with a Sock Hop.

I plan to have the girls plan the party, make the invitations, and help decorate. Since we have an extra Tuesday this month I planned a nice service project just in time for the holiday season.

Here is the calendar I made for each of the girls....
Okay- so the calendar is more for moms but that's important. Activity Days is only requested to be 2 days a month but I decided on each Tuesday night. I have been doing Cub Scouts for the last 5 years so I just translated a lot of what I had learned in scouting into activity days. I find that having a consistant time and place improves attendance and enjoyment of the acitivities. Tuesday night is when scouts and mutual are all held. It just made sense to have activity days then too. Now, mom and dad have one stop to make and drop all the kids off. Plus they know right where the kids should be every Tuesday night.

I did wonder if I had bitten off too much as I have limited help. I talked with my dearest husband about time away from our family and taking on too much myself (I tend to do this). His response was (as usual) one of great support. He talked about how much the girls in our neighborhood needed this; how our boys are already gone to scouts that night and how he could manage the little boys at home just fine for an hour or two. What an amazing man I have. His concern was not for himself or our family but for the need of the kids in our area. I think he gets that from his amazing mom. She should be proud of the man who is following in her footsteps- always thinking of others. So I continue with Activity Days each Tuesday. So far the girls have loved every minute.

So for this month it's a 50's flashback. I'm thinking invitations made to look like a 45 record, ballon arches, poodle skirts and pink, black and turqoise; games, fun, and rootbeer floats. I will try to post each idea so keep watching. Hopefully you will find something fun to do with your group.
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