Saturday, November 13, 2010

Laundry Sock Hop: Project 44 of 52

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I saw this post on a blog a while ago but had never gotten around to doing it. Now horray, I have. I tend to stick with red and blue decor but wanted to try something different. Since this was going to go in the laundry closet I thought that would be a great opportunity to explore new colors. First I tried this...

I thought the yellow and black would provide a nice contrast with bold color. Turns out I was right, too right. Although my darling hubby and dear friend like the colors I did not. They weren't bad just to stark for me.

So I tore it all apart. I spaced taking pictures along the way for you will spare you the details but it took three tries before I got a color I was happy with. I think if I would have stained over the yellow I may have been able to go with it but I wanted to smile when I opened my laundry doors......

I used soft apple with a dark walnut stain. I wondered about staining the clothespins but didn't want stain to come out on our socks. Plus, I thought it might be too much. So what do you think?
Yellow and Black
Green and Brown
Maybe I will decide to do a couple for Christmas presents? Anyone want to put in their wishes?
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