Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner Decor: Nametags

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I have found I love to decorate- especialy someone elses house. I stew and fret and never seem to make my own thoughts come to fruition for my house but when I think of someone elses...the ideas come like crazy and everything seems to just fall together. So imagine my delight when my friend mentioned she would be hosting all of her in-laws for the big day. She wants to make it extra special and have that WOW power. Of course that sent me to the blogs. I knew I had seen some great ideas. Just a bit of blog surfing added to my own creativity and I think we have come up with some great ideas to do on a penny pinchers budget! We are talking, after all of a Thanksgiving dinner with little ones running around. Oh, don't worry I will share each idea as we complete them. It may be a bit late for your 2010 spread but maybe not. At any rate you might have some ideas to tuck away for next year. Of course, with my friend's great planning ahead you may find lots of time to still do it for this year....
Here is our simple, yet lovely nametags.....

I used George and Basics on my Cricuit to cut the tags. The letters are Opposites Attract. I love the glitter paper. It is a very thick cardstock. I had to use a new blade and put the highest pressure and depth on to get the cut. Then we still had to trim them a bit but I like the added strength. Add a gromet, ribbon, and a fall leave. Then we cut each of the letter outs for all the guest names. I would recommend welding the letters together if you have that ability. It took quite a while to glue the little letters on. Now she can set them up against the glasses, lay them on the plates, or tie it around the napkin whichever she wants. 
The only problem I see is that her family might be so impressed she will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner every year. Just so she is warned....
What do you think?
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