Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cooking from my pantry tally....

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We made it through our first week without much ado.
I had to remind dear hubby not to just order out through the weekend while mom was working which he promptly stepped up and followed through with our challenge.
I hit the big Smith's sale and spent $50 while saving $82!
I already had all the items I bought in my pantry but now is the time I stock up on canned soups and staples so I couldn't miss this sale. 
I used several of the vegis and fruits left in the fridge from Bountiful Baskets and will be able to clean out the fridge before we get our next basket this week.
I had to make a few adjustments in recipes but they were only minor and it has been nice to see all that I have already on hand.
The biggest benenfit of this challenge has been a refreshing break for me to not have to go to the store. I usually try to cook from our pantry and thus cycle things out but there always seems to be some reason we need to go to the store. This week I tried everything I could to get OUT of going to the store. I still had to shop for a few non-food items but oh, it was nice to not worry about the groceries. I think we somehow stretched what we had as well. For example, it seems we didn't go through as much milk because I wasn't going to "just pick up more while at the store".
I am looking forward to another weeks break from shopping! Now I can focus on finishing my Christmas shopping.....
Thanks for the challenge.
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