Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have to make a note so that I can find it again....

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Ever had one of those come across something great and think "I'm gonna have to remember this so I can come back to it"? Well, I have those all the time. I am getting better about writing the "IT" down but the other night at work I didn't. I was just browsing during a quiet moment and now I just spent about 15 minutes searching for what I wanted to do. The length of time it will take to accomplish my task! Ack! Drives me nuts because then in the process of frantically searching I find other "gotta remembers" and think I will come back to them and thus starts the viscious cycle. So now I am posting the one thing that I started looking for....
I have all the supplies for this and in the process of prepping for this weeks shopping I thought I had better keep all my many notes in one place. This is the perfect place. We have most of our present buying done but it will be nice to have the list with me after enjoying some Turkey with family and while we travel. So I am off to make my Christmas planner. Of course the printer is off line and the moment and dearest hubby is not home to fix it so I won't finish it but perhaps I should be preparing some dinner for my ravenous boys when they arrive home, then it will be dishes and ughhhh!! It never ends! I joke that I have to go to work (graveyards mind you) just to get a BREAK!!
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