Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turkey Block: project 45 of 52

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My friend and I enjoyed a great day of crafting as we continue to prep for her great hosting of Thanksgiving dinner for her in-laws. We made our Turkey's from 2x4 blocks that I shared in my last post. I had everything already so these little guys cost us $0!
We were so excited at how our turkeys turned out.
For her table decor she will have fall garland down the center with various gords and these trees...
She will also have bowls of goodies to snack on...
In the meantime I am transforming my house into a holiday treasure. I love to decorate for Christmas and am running a bit behind this year. It is also taking a bit longer. Last year I, thankfully, labeled each bin by room and briefly what was in it. The problem this year is we have a different house with less finished living space (still working on that) so I have to decide how and what to use.
Oh, but never fear, I will have it done by Thanksgiving!
The lights outside went on for the first time tonight. That has also been a bit of a kunumdrum. Before we had lots of beautiful trees to lite up so we have very little free standing decor. Now, just our baby trees. Guess I will get to go shopping for Christmas decor. Good thing the shopping for presents is nearly done; just pj's and stocking stuffers left to get! The UPS and FedEx guys are learning our address quite well thanks to PYP and online shopping!
How is your holiday plans coming?
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