Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hostess gift

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We had lots of Halloween activities to go to this weekend. One of my friends invited us to her Halloween party. Her husband is an Army captain so she was trying to "do the good captain's wife thing". With army guys you never know what to expect so we arrived early, plus we had another party to go to later that night. Hostess gifts are not something I have routinely given but I thought it would be nice this time.
I made cornbread muffins to go with the chili. I tried to whip up some honey butter too but it didn't whip too well with "I can't believe it's not butter" brand spread (I usually use Country Crock) so I sent some homemade apple butter.
Last year dear Hubby's aunt was making these scratchers for extra money. I bought a bunch to have on hand for little gifts such as this. I was ho-hum when she gave me camo scratchers in the mix but they came in perfect for an army wife. I couldn't resist throwing a couple in. They work GREAT on your teflon pans.
I added a little writing pad with a tag to write a note on.
I had an extra basket already, I just lined it with a towel.
Just a little something to say thank-you all things I had already. I think they were most excited for the apple butter. With the holidays coming I enjoy stocking up for those times when you want to give a little something. For me, this usually means last minute...so it's great to have a few fillers around to toss in a basket or gift bag. When all else fails, a nice loaf of bread, muffins or cookies works well too!
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  1. Love the ideas! I do have a question about those scratchers. Do they have nylon yarn in them or are they made of worsted or cotton? I made some scrubbies out of plain cotton yarn, and I love them. I only made two but I am certainly making more after hubby and I have used them for a while. We love them. They are small enough to get into the little areas but they are tough. And they get thrown in the washer on hot and washed with my towels. They turn out great!

  2. I am not sure what she made them with. I think nylon yarn is more along the right lines...it is rough and scratchy. I will find out and let you know. You are right though- they are fabulous and last a long time. I have never tried to wash them though....hmmm may have to try that.

  3. Mom2mykids: here is the answer you were looking for...
    ....the scratchy part of Heidi's scrubbers is nylon net she cuts in strips and then crochets into the shape in the middle. the yarn on the outside is washable cotton yarn and is part of the scrubbie to keep it from stretching out when used. I toss my scrubbies in the washer and dryer all the time when they get grungie....
    Thanks mom!


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